July 2021::

After a long Corona period, we finally gathered for some good food and drinks.


July 2021:

Congratulations to Idan for receiving the prestigious Krill Prize for excellence in scientific research!

Idan won the award for the development of innovative conductive materials such as metal-organic frames and their use for capturing and storing solar energy, coating electrodes, and accelerating chemical reactions.

May 2021:

Congrats our Undergraduate Student Shachar Bnemeen Keren on receiving the department head prize.

Well done!

May 2021:

Congrats to our PhD student Itamar Liberman on receiving the Dean prize for excellent M.Sc. Students.

Well deserved!

March 2021:

Congrats to our postdoc Subhabrata Mukhopadhyay on the new publication in Angewandte Chemie!

The work presents the utilization of a MOF as a porous membrane assembled on top of a solid CO2 reduction electrocatalyst. The MOF-membrane tunes the chemical environment around the catalytically active site and stabilizes the catalytic intermediates via secondary-sphere interactions, leading to improved catalytic activity and product selectivity. 

Check it out!

November 2020:

Our new Chemistry building at BGU is almost ready!

Check it out:

September 2020:

Idan was awarded with the ERC starting grant! We greatly appreciate the support from the European Research Council!